Presentations from the 2019 Meeting
Troughton_Resp complications taco trali tad
Beal_ARDP SEABB 2019-Final 03202019
Halverson_Utilizing Special Techniques to Resolve Serological Cases
Joelson_ Patient Blood Management

Presentations from the 2017 Meeting

2017 ABOs of Incompatible Organ Transplantation_Thompson

2017 Anemia_RBC_NEC_Josephson

2017 7 Day Platelets_Dunbar

2017 Meeting the Challenging Transfusion Needs of a Diverse Patient Population_Beal

2017 Succession Planning_Bullock

2017 IRL Case Studies_Spanos

2017 Neonatal Allo-Immune Thrombocytopenia_Rollins

TRM 2016


Neonatal Platelet Transfusion Practices Part 1 – Cassandra Josephson, MD

Neonatal Platelet Transfusion Practices Part 2 – Cassandra Josephson, MD

Neonatal Platelet Transfusion Practices Part 3 – Cassandra Josephson, MD

Statistical Applications For Blood Bankers (A DoE Primer) – Mary McShane-Vaughn, Ph.D

Tissue Tracking and Traceability (Mediware) – Tina Keefe

Verax Platelet PGD Test – Jeff Hall

Antibody ID To Go Part 1 – Nancy Mullis

Antibody ID To Go Part 2 – Nancy Mullis

Antibody ID To Go Part 3 – Nancy Mullis

Babies R Us – Alexander Duncan, MD

Blood Banking for Mommies – LeeAnn Prihoda

e-f-Gee Whiz – Lee Ann Prihoda

ISBT 128 Implementation Experience – J. Pippert / S. Dailey


Blood Stocks Management – Neoteric Technology Ltd

Dwight Ham Presentation – Overview of 30+ Years in the Lab – Judi Kern

Good Manufacturing Practices

HDN with DAT Negative Anemia – Cassandra D. Josephson, MD

Intrauterine Transfusion – Raymond J. Allen, MD

Is Chocolate a Personality Predictor Presentation – Susan C. Sharpe

ISBT 128 – Kathy Brient

Microbiology Updates – Robert C. Jerris, Ph.D

Out-of-Group Platelet Transfusion – Shealynn B. Harris, M..

Sickle Cell Disease – Cassandra D. Josephson, MD

TACO vs TRALI – Shealynn Harris, MD

Tissue Banking – Susan C.Sharpe

wBlood Care – CareFusion

Blood Bank Automation – Galileo – Ricardo D. Sumugod

Blood Management Issues and Opportunities – Timothy Hannon, MD

Blood Group Genotyping – Joann M. Moulds Ph.D

Blood Bank We Have a Problem – Nancy Mullis / LeeAnn Prihoda